Wrecking Ball

Bruce Springsteen • CD


Het nieuwe album van Bruce Springsteen, 'Wrecking Ball', komt uit op 2 maart 2012. Dit is alweer zjin 17e studio album, en bevat 11 nieuwe Springsteen opnames en is geproduceerd door Ron Aniello met Bruce zelf, en diens manager Jon Landau. Eerste single is 'We Take Care Of Our Own'.

Aldus Landau: "Bruce has dug down as deep as he can to come up with this vision of modern life. The lyrics tell a story you can't hear anywhere else and the music is his most innovative of recent years. The writing is some of the best of his career and both veteran fans and those who are new to Bruce will find much to love on 'Wrecking Ball.'"


1. We Take Care of Our Own
2. Easy Money
3. Shackled and Drawn
4. Jack of All Trades
5. Death to My Hometown
6. This Depression
7. Wrecking Ball
8. You've Got It
9. Rocky Ground
10. Land of Hope and Dreams
11. We Are Alive

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Afmetingen141 x 124 x 10 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.

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  1. 1. We Take Care Of Our Own - Springsteen, Bruce (003:53)
  2. 2. Easy Money - Springsteen, Bruce (003:35)
  3. 3. Shackled And Drawn: Me And My Baby Got Our Own Thing Going - Springsteen, Bruce / Baron, Art (003:44)
  4. 4. Jack Of All Trades - Springsteen, Bruce / Baron, Art (005:58)
  5. 5. Death To My Hometown: The Last Words Of Copernicus - Springsteen, Bruce / Baron, Art (003:25)
  6. 6. This Depression - Springsteen, Bruce (004:08)
  7. 7. Wrecking Ball - Springsteen, Bruce (005:47)
  8. 8. You've Got It - Springsteen, Bruce (003:47)
  9. 9. Rocky Ground: I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord - Springsteen, Bruce / Baron, Art / Victorious Gospel Choir (004:40)
  10. 10. Land Of Hope And Dreams: People Get Ready - Springsteen, Bruce / Baron, Art / Victorious Gospel Choir (006:56)
  11. 11. We Are Alive: Ring Of Fire - Springsteen, Bruce (005:34)

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